Oceanside Technology Solutions!

We make Technology fun safe and easy for everyone. We specialize in everything from computer repair to home theater installation.

Ambassador of technology

Our support team is here awaiting your headack. OceanSide is now offering a new innovative service remote assistance. Remote assistance is alowing your service tech to access your system with out having to actually have a tech come to your home. The convenience of this service is with out boundaries. This means you call us up, tell us about your issue and we log on and fix it faster and cheeper then if we had to get in the car and drive to your home or office.
Contact Us

Please E-mail or call us reguarding your projects. Someone will answer you asap. You may also want to email the scope of work to help us understand the project.


E-mail: info@oceansidegrp.com

Skype Me™!

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